How To Vote In 2020 People Choice Awards

People's Choice awards Voting

People’s Choice Awards are now officially known as E! People’s Choice Awards. This is because “E!” took over the sponsorship in April 2017. It is an American Awards show. Winners of the show declared on the basis of People’s Choice awards Voting every year. So in this article you can check all the details about voting.

In this award show, people who have entertained the public get recognition. Moreover, the best entertainer in different genres is presented with an award. However, Judges do not decide Prizes and awards to the performer. In addition, it is the general public and fans, who cast their votes. And that’s how the winner is declared. This is because it is also known as Awards to people by the people.

People’s Choice Awards Voting 2020 lines are off. Certainly, there is going to be an announcement soon. It was sponsored by Procter & Gamble from 1892 to 2017. And later “E!” is the sponsor from 2018. Till 2017 it used to air in CBS Network. So now it airs on “E!”.  The 46th PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS is going to take place in Los Angeles. The show is going to air on Sunday, November 15th, 2020. The timings of the show are from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

AWARDS NAMEPeople's choice Awards
SPONSORED BYProcter and Gamble
SHOW TIMING9:00 PM to 11:00 PM

People’s Choice Awards Voting

The first time the award ceremony took place was way back in 1975. However, during those times award was declared using Gallup polls. And, from 2005 people are voting online. The voting lines of the show are not opened yet. Right now, there is no official announcement regarding the Voting. Hopefully, the announcement is going to be out soon. However, there are three main voting methods through which fans can cast their vote.

So the three main methods to Vote for your favorite artists are:

  1. Online Voting
  2. Social Media Voting
  3. Xfinity X1 Voting

Note: Each type of voting method has its own limitation. And more details are to be out soon.


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People’s Choice Awards 2020

Every award ceremony runs under a particular format. So as the people’s choice awards. Results are totally based on nominations. where nominations can be done under predefined sub-categories. All these sub-categories are under 4 main categories. So those are.

  • Movie
  • Music
  • Television
  • Pop Culture

Every Category will be further divided into sub-categories. Every sub- category has 8 nominees. And People have to choose the winner among them using their important votes.

People's Choice Awards Voting

People’s Choice Awards 2020 is to be aired on 15th November 2020. All viewers and audience can watch it on E! Network. So timings are from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. And Nominations are going to be declared in August and October 2020. Moreover, Voting lines are generally opened after that in a specific manner. 

People’s Choice Awards online Voting 2020

  • The very first way to vote is to vote online on official website.
  • Online voting can be done on E! website.
  • To vote you have 25 votes per day.
  • You will see all the 45 categories.
  • So go and vote for them.

People's Choice Awards Voting

People Choice Awards Social Media Voting

  • In order to Vote on Social media like Twitter, you should log in to your twitter account which must have a minimum of 10 followers.
  • You can use hashtags to vote for a particular category.
  • People have to use Category hashtags and nominees hashtag whom they want to vote.
  • Remember you have to vote for only one nominee otherwise, your previous vote will not be counted. 
  • People can also vote on Facebook by using Share to vote.
  • So vote for candidates using your 25 votes per day till 45 days.

People’s Choice Awards Xfinity Voting

  • Of course to vote using this method you must have Xfinity X1 Set up box and remote.
  • All you have to do is to say “Vote for the people’s choice awards” using their voice remote.
  • This method of voting will be used to vote for only 4 categories e.g Movie of 2020, the song of 2020, the show of 2020, and the comedy act of 2020.
  • So this is how you can vote.

People's Choice Awards Voting


Performers of 46th E! People Choice 2020 Awards

Host and performers of People’s choice award 2020 are still not known. To be honest it can be said that it is kept as a secret. Last year, there were two main performances. One was Alessia Cara performing her song rooting for you. And second, was Kelsey Ballerini’s Club.

In conclusion, People’s Choice Awards Voting 2020 lines are off. The nomination is going to be out in August and October. So after that voting lines are certainly going to open. On 15th November 2020, there is an award ceremony of People’s choice award. And Winners are going to be awarded according to public votes. So vote for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

So some of the frequently asked questions are:

What are some main methods to vote?

There are mainly three methods to vote. They are Online Voting, Twitter Voting, and Xfinity Voting.

What is Turbo Voting?

When there is a turbo voting, a single vote is counted as two votes. And you can cast up to 50 votes per category, per day, per e-mail address.

Can fans vote via Twitter?

Yes, you can vote via Twitter if you have a genuine account.

What are some basic requirements needed to vote from Twitter?

There are some basic requirements, which are:
The viewer should have a valid Twitter account.
A proper profile picture.
The privacy of the account should be public.
Also, The viewer should have more 10 followers
The twitter account should be at least 24 hours older.

What is the cost of Voting?

Cost of voting nothing but the data and internet charges.

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