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The Amazing Race Australia Application

The Amazing Race Australia is a thrilling adventure reality show. It is very popular in Australia. This reality game show is based on the International Amazing race franchise. The Amazing Race Australia Application 2020-21 is out now. Interested person can fill the form. And, they can take part in the audition process of the Amazing Race Australia. 

The first season of the show aired in 2011. Meanwhile, the show has successfully aired 4 seasons and 46 episodes. Network 10 is now the original network of this show. Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster are creators of the show. Grant Bowler hosted the show for the first three seasons. And, now Beau Ryan is the current host of the show. This is an Australian show which takes place all across the World. However, this year due to pandemic, Season 5 is going to take place only in Australian locations.

The Amazing Race Australia Application 2020-21

In the show, there are lots of teams that take part. Moreover, each team must have two participants. Both together forms a team and competes with other teams. The race and task are spilled into legs, for example, 1st leg, 2nd leg, etc. Participants perform tasks that are physically and mentally challenging.

The Amazing Race Australia Application

In addition, they travel the world via air, boat, car, taxi, etc. However, the team that arrives at the particular destination late is eliminated. This elimination process takes place in each and every leg. On the other hand, the team that finishes first is rewarded. The reward contains the cash amount of Australian $250,000.

Eligibility Requirements

There are a few eligibility requirements that need to be fulfilled.  After that, you can fill the form and audition for the show.

  • Some of the Eligibility Requirements for the amazing race Australia are:
  • Participants need to apply for the show as a participant couple.
  • Participants need to agree to all the terms and conditions of the show.
  • Both participants need to be 18 years of age or older.
  • Participants must be an Australian citizen. They can also be a permanent resident for at least two years.

Apply for The Amazing Race Australia 2020-21

Season 5 of the amazing race Australia is going to air. Application forms are out online. Any participants who are interested can fill-up the form for an audition. The basic age requirement to give audition is participants must older than 18 years of age. 

The Amazing Race Australia Application

The Amazing Race Australia Application Steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the official casting site. 
  2. You and your teammate need to be at least 18 years of age or older.
  3. When you click on Apply now button, the new window will appear.
  4. Firstly, there is a place where you have to write basic detail. For example first name, last name, email, and other details of team member 1.
  5. Then there is a second page where you need to fill details of team member 1. Details are related to your marital status, have children, and some hobby questions.
  6. This same procedure goes for the second team member.
  7. Then you have to share the information with your team. You also need to upload 3 minutes long video performing a task. The video should have no edits.

Note: The application form is very big and detailed. It has 9 parts. You will receive an email when you will fill the whole form.

How To Make Amazing race Audition Video

  • The video should be a maximum of 3 minutes long.
  • Show your energy and shoot only when you feel energetic.
  • In the video you need to mention your name, age place, relationship, what do you do.
  • Mention the skill that can help creators select you.
  • Be genuine. do not read the script through a paper.
  • The video should be in landscape mode.
  • While shooting doesn’t look here and there. Just look straight into the camera.
  • While shooting makes sure you will shoot in a proper light. Not too high not too low, just perfect light.


The Amazing Race Australia Season 5 (Team Application/ Singles Application)

The Amazing race Australia started its first season in 2011. Moreover, Season 3 was released in 2014. However, Season 4 was aired in 2019, almost after 5 years. Now, The Amazing Race Australia Season 5 is going to release this year. Since the world is facing a pandemic, the show will shot only in Australia. To take part in the show Application forms are already out online. A single participant cannot fill a singles application. There need to be two team members for the team application form. 


In conclusion, the amazing race Australia Application form for an audition is out online. This is going to be the 5th season of this reality show. You can only take part in the show as a team. And, the team should have 2 members. You need to be at least 18 years of age or elder to take part in the show. We will update this article if there is any new official announcement.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

What is the minimum age requirement to take part in?

To take part in the show both the contestant must be at least years of age or older.

Can I apply as a solo contestant?

No, you cannot apply as a solo contestant. You must have a team. And the team should have two contestants.

Do I need to be an Australian citizen to apply?

Yes, either you can be an Australian citizen. Or you at least have permanent residence in Australia for a minimum of two years. 

Which video editing tool should I use to edit the video?

No, you are not allowed to edit the video. The video needs to send in the original raw form.

What will be the shooting location of Season 5?

Due to Pandemic, shooting can’t be done outside of Australia. So, the whole location of the show will be Australia. 

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